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What is sub-surface Pet Odor Removal? And does your process remove blood?

1. Solution ONE pet odor removal process includes identifying & directly targeting contaminated area where source of odor origination
2. Your technician will re-create the scenario by injecting massive amounts of specialized odor eating enzymes that are designed to neutralize the urea salt and bacteria that produce the odor into backing of carpet and deep penetration of sub-floor.
3. Your technician will use a specialized tool to extract all the contaminates in detergents from sub-floor, padding and backing of carpet into containment unit
4. Your technician will than use high dry heat to kill any resistant bacteria that may be left behind (Note: Solution ONE do not mask the smell we completely eradicate the problem)
5. Than your technician will use UV technology to sterilize the air and surface of carpet fibers
Note: Smell will intensify for a period of 6-12hrs than will shut down completely.

What about feces and blood removal?

Answer: Solution ONE can effectively remove feces and smell deep in the carpet backing and padding. We handle Bio-hazard situations with extra care using EPA & OSHA guidelines as prerequisites than follow a very tight procedural protocol to achieve maximum decontamination results