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What is Hard Surface & Carpet Deep Sterilization Cleaning?

Deep sterilization cleaning is a process when we use a steam technology that produces 325°+ low moisture heat to open pores on hard surfaces, carpet and upholstery fibers to achieve the deepest clean, and simultaneously kill all embedded germs & viruses on contact. Then we use hot or cold-water extraction to remove all contaminates

What Are the Benefits of This Technology?

  • Kills bacteria and viruses without chemical usage
  • Remove grease and grime without harsh chemicals
  • Clean & sterilize mattresses, upholstery and floors without chemicals
  • Kill parasites and unwanted guest that live on human & animal blood without chemicals
  • Deep clean inside and outside of Appliances, wood, linoleum and tile & grout floors
  • Deep clean baby seats & baby beds
  • Sterilize vehicle ventilation system and interior
  • Sterilize duct vents and simultaneously kill all germs and bugs
  • Kill mold & mildew contamination

Who Benefits from This Service?

  • Clients who want complete cleanliness without chemicals
  • Adults & children with smell, skin, and respiratory sensitivities
  • People who do not want chemical residue contamination from touching surfaces
  • Clients with pets

What is the difference between Hot Water Extraction and Sterilization Steam Cleaning?

  • Hot Water Extraction is the process of rinsing with high temperature water and extracting dirty water with average sanitizing results 
  • Sterilization Steam Cleaning has much more superior disinfecting and heavy grease removal power because the high temperature steam makes full contact with the surface with-out over saturation of water and most importantly it does not leave any chemical residue