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Carpet Cleaning

Health Benefits
With the removal of allergens, pet hair & dandruff, some odors, most stains, and soiling. Not only will your internal environment be clean but healthier. Your carpet is the largest filter in your office / home we at Solution ONE will not only surface clean your carpets, but we can also employ advance technology to kill all germs deeply embedded in the fibers and backing of your carpet.

What is Hard surface & Carpet deep sterilization cleaning?

Answer: Deep sterilization cleaning is a process when we combine massive 325° steam to the surface to open the pores and simultaneously kill all embedded germs, viruses and pet unwanted friends and their larvae. Then we use hot or cold-water extraction to remove all contaminates.

Which Carpet Cleaning Package is right for me?

Silver Package Benefits

The Silver Package is for client that have their carpet cleaned or floors cleaned at least twice a year or have light soiled conditions It will keep your carpet and hard floor investment close to new and minimize any potential secondary damage due to continuous foot traffic and liquid spillage.

Gold Package Benefits

Is for homes or businesses that has moderate to heavy soiling or unpleasant odor • Homes that have pets • children • Businesses that that frequent liquid and food spillage

360 Platinum Package Benefits

This process includes all benefits of the Gold Package with additional services included: Mattress Deep steam cleaning • accessible baseboards steam cleaned • High powered UV light sterilization treatment of cleaned surfaces • 2 Air Vents per room vacuumed out and steam sterilization (note: floor level only) • Two separate area’s sub-surface urine extraction • high temperature 325° pure steam sterilization of all cleaned floors