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24/7 Emergency Water Damage

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Sewage Water Extraction & Feces removal

Structure Dryout

Broken pipe

Carpet Cleaning


What should I do if I have Water or Sewage Damage?

  1. Locate & shut off water supply
  2. Call Plumbing company
  3. Turn off furnace or AC unit to prevent cross – contamination to unaffected area’s
  4. Cover your mouth & nose with mask and take detailed pictures for your documentation
  5. Remove unaffected items from area
  6. Close off areas to prevent airborne contaminates from invading clean space
  7. Call Solution ONE 24/7 365 days
  8. Manually check your insurance policy or call your insurance provider to confirm what coverage you have and if you have coverage for your current situation, inquire about your financial obligation, and most important request your claim number


Sewage Water Extraction & Feces removal
Structure Dry-out & Content Cleaning and Sterilization
Flood Damage Extraction & Debris Removal
Content Pack-out
Tobacco & Fire Damage Smoke odor Removal
Bio-Hazard Chemical & Human Fluid Clean-up

  6 Reasons To Call Solution ONE

  1. Your situation will be treated with the utmost attention
  2. Your Solution ONE technician will evaluate your situation and build a scope as to what’s needs to be done to bring your environment back to a healthy state
  3. Your technician will walk you through the process of what actions will be performed and explain the equipment that will be used to resolve your situation
  4. Once assessment is all complete than your technician will have you sign paperwork giving Solution ONE permission to perform scope of work in your home or business
  5. All work will be performed immediately
  6. We bill your insurance company directly



  • Pre-Inspection
  • Vacuum – Remove loose soil & debris
  • Preconditioner – Certified Green pre-spray is applied to carpet & furniture fabric to break up embedded soiling 
  • Hot Water Extraction – to remove soiling and contaminants
  • Anti-Microbial Treatment – Neutralize all potential fungal growth
  • Deodorizer


  • Wood Floor Cleaning
  • Pet Odor Removal
  • Mattress Steam Cleaning & Sterilization
  • Vehicle Interior Steam Cleaning & Sterilization
  • Appliance Cleaning & Sterilization
  • Bathroom Cleaning & Sterilization
  • 325+ deg Pure Steam Chemical Free Hard Surface, Carpet, Air Ducts, & Fabric Sterilization
  • Positive Air UV Technology – Kill viruses & bacteria on all cleaned surfaces
  • Negative Air Technology – Removes airborne impurities 

About Us

Solution ONE is an innovative, service-oriented organization, which pride itself on providing a diverse clientele with impeccable detailed cleaning, and unparalleled customer service. Because people matter, we are dedicated to creating an environment that foster’s a balanced quality of life in which we live, work, and play. Solution ONE organization value it’s clients. We take pride in delivering the kind of service that leaves our clients feeling that Solution ONE took good care of them. Efficiency and organization enable Solution ONE to deliver high quality work and service while keeping cost to client / insurance company to a minimum. Providing this unique service promotes long term relationships with our clients and serves for our success. Our clients will be interacting with professional and knowledgeable technicians, who will handle your carpet, critical cleaning, and your insurance claim with diligence and priority. Solution ONE Cleaning maintains high ethical standards, dedicated to continuous training of personnel, and the use of the most advanced cleaning technology and methods to ensure the best possible service. Solution ONE will manage every aspect of the project from beginning to end.

Our Promise: Solution ONE will handle your emergency situation with diligence & discretion. All trucks will be unlettered to prevent unwanted attention. Personal will be uniformed, knowledgeable and courteous. You can depend on us to perform under pressure.

10 Reasons to hire Solution ONE Cleaning

  1. 100% IRON Clad Satisfaction Guarantee or your money Back!
  2. Professional and courteous cleaning technicians
  3. Cleaning Techs eager to earn your confidence
  4. Knowledgeable technicians that can answer your questions and effectively eradicate your concern
  5. Solution ONE technician will explain in detail the scope of the work and the process to be utilized to achieve your desired results
  6. Upfront pricing on all extra work added to job scope. No Hidden charges!
  7. We only use Certified Green bio-gradable detergents
  8. No high-pressure sales tactics
  9. Same Day Service
  10. Fully insured

General cleaning Service



With the complete removal of allergens, pet hair & dandruff, viruses, bacteria, and embedded soiling so not only will your internal environment be clean but much healthier! Your carpet is the largest filter in your internal environment we at Solution ONE will not only surface clean your carpets, but we will also employ advance technology to kill all potential micro-organisms deeply embedded in the backing of your carpet.

Specialty Cleaning service

2 stage Chemical FREE Sterilization Process

Solution ONE utilizes extremely high temperature pure steam technology to kill all viruses, bacteria and micro-organisms & infestation deeply embedded in carpets, furniture fibers, and non-porous hard surfaces. Our chemical Free sterilization technology produces consistent 325+deg heat combined with low pressure to maximize penetration. The second stage process introduces powerful UV light technology to capture and destroy airborne germs on contact

Quality of Life Benefit

With Complete elimination of all surface and airborne germs your office / home internal air quality will be 100% cleaner. Call today for your free consultation

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